Bonus episodes and other special content are published by the Breakers team all throughout the airing of the podcast. These specials are real-world content and don't continue the fictional story, but instead focus on behind the scenes content like the people who publish the podcast and their other projects (e.g. Sammy Walsh's blog "The casual som").

Audio specials aired as episodes in the podcast feed

Episode No. Title



BONUS 1 The Casual Som, A Frenchman in Spain... 06:42 2017-07-18
BONUS 2 Sam and Sammy interview on Podcasts We Listen To 34:23 2017-08-02
BONUS 3 Sam & Sammy Part 1 [1] 32:25 2017-11-06
BONUS 4 Sam & Sammy Live Part 2 [1] 35:09 2017-11-09
BONUS 5 A Message, and a taste of Lessons in Leadership 11:46 2018-03-04

Other specials outside of the podcast feed

Title Type Length Airdate
Breakers by the fire Facebook Live Video 2:55:15 2017-11-05
  1. 1.0 1.1 "Sam and Sammy Part 1" and "Sam and Sammy Live Part 2" are episodes created from the "Breakers by the fire" live video stream. They include a condensed and cut audio version of that video.